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"Prior to starting my WorldVentures business, I was in corporate sales. I eventually started to feel a lack of true security in corporate America. I really had a strong desire to own my time so I could spend it with my wife & kids. I now work my business full time from home, have true security and more time to spend with my family!"
- John & Mary Heerhold
"Prior to starting our World Ventures Business I was a NYC Firefighter & my wife Debbie worked with the telephone company. We have been able to month make more money in a month with our WorldVentures business than we used
to make in our full time occupations combined! We have been spot lighted in a National Magazine & my story titled 911 was featured in Chicken Soup for the Network Marketers Soul. Thanks to World Ventures we are Living our Dreams."
- Ed & Debbie Terranova
"Prior to starting my WorldVentures business, I was working 4 jobs, had maxed out all my credit cards & had virtually no time for my family. I have since earned over $100,000, paid off $62,000 in debt, & have traveled all over the world.
Most recently, my wife & I spent 2 weeks in Bora was a $25,000 vacation that we took for free as a WorldVentures business incentive! Thank You WorldVentures!!"
-Nate Ridgeway
"I am a retired attorney and since starting my WorldVentures business, I have traveled around the world, enjoyed the time and enjoyed the financial freedom that comes from residual income! Has World Ventures changed my life? No Doubt! My bills are paid on
time, I travel the world when and where I want, and traded in my old car for a silver Jaguar!
-Kim Eaton
"After 26 years in Law Enforcement I retired early. WorldVenutres gives me & my family the ability to travel at wholesale, get paid to travel, & write off my travel as a tax deduction! I have saved over $10,000 on vacations & travel in my first year & many of my trips have been free! My monthly residual income surpasses my Police Pension that took me 26 years of putting my life on the line to accrue. WorldVentures has been a true blessing to me & my family."
-Bob Mkell
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